WX100 - Robotic Arm Integration

A 2 axis or 3 axis robotic arm can be easily integrated with the WX100 system which can make it completely automated. The WX100 system has intelligence to automatically identify the object when it is placed within the camera’s field of view.

The WX100 system is provided with outputs from the controller which indicate the result from the software application, these outputs can be tapped into a robotic arm which can be used to pick / place the parts on to the inspection area of the system.


WX100 - Conveyor Integration

A conveyor can be easily integrated with the WX100 system and can be used to inspect parts in the assembly line. The system identifies the part as soon as it is available within the Field of View of the camera and the outputs from the controller can be used to control the solenoids which can eject the parts into the respective bins based on the results provided by the software application.