Measurement Tools

Outer Diameter

Measures max diameter / Min Diameter between any two vertical edges of the defined area.


Measures Max Height / Min Height between any horizontal edges of the defined area.



Measures an angle between two detected edges within the specified area.


Automatically identifies and measures various parameters of threads including Pitch and TPI.



Measures the radius of an Arc for the specific area selected including fillet radii.


This tool measures the depth and angle for any defined Area of a chamfer.

WX100 - Features

Auto Identification of Parts
  • Automatically identifies the pre trained part.
  • Instant identification of even the most complex parts.
  • Intelligence to identify same part trained with different names.

Auto Identification of Parts


Modes of Inspection
  • Enables the user to process a part by capturing a single image
  • Simple steps to be able to process a part by capturing multiple images
  • Capable of capturing upto 1000 images and processing them simultaneously
  • Precise rotation upto ⅓rd of a degree


Modes of Inspection