Time is our most essential resource. When time is allied with precision, great things happen!

Imagine a world where the most complex of measurements can be performed precisely within a short interval of time. No longer will we have the burden of the long hours needed to perform such a crucial job.

With this goal in mind we designed the WX100 inspection system which saves time with the high precision required by industry today.

Multiple dimensions in under one second
Gauge dimensioning, GD&T, threads, radii, angles and more
Fast & accurate upto ± 0.002 mm or ± 0.0001 inch
WX100 - Highlights


vision inspection system
  • High speed processing, significantly reducing the inspection time
  • Powered by most advanced vision software
  • Dimensional accuracy upto ± 0.002 mm
  • Simultaneously measures multiple dimensions
  • Simple and easy reporting for quick data analysis
  • Replaces conventional manual inspection methods



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WX100 - Features


User Friendly Software

  • State of the art - simple yet elegant software
  • Continuous image acquisition
  • Instant measurement of multiple dimensions
  • Easy user interface to train parts
  • Auto part search for quick identification of trained parts


Part details
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  • Sampler as well as production system
  • Minimal human intervention needed
  • Detailed profile inspection using rotation mechanism




  • Unlimited processed data storage upto 500GB
  • Live reports for on-the-go analysis
  • SPC reports for QA control
  • Fully customized reports for data generation based on date and time
  • System comes with pre-integrated Cp, Cpk
  • Exporting option into excel,pdf and provision to attach printer for direct printing of report





Error Sensors
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Rotation Setup

  • Processes non-symmetric parts in a single go
  • Capture images automatically at different orientations
  • Simple programming for multi orientations
  • 1080 Images at 360 degrees



Error Sensors


Error Proofing Sensors and Buzzer

  • Part handling monitored by optic sensors
  • Sensing range upto 500mm
  • Built-in alarm to reduce human errors
  • Output signals for robotics integration
Comparison Chart - WX100 v/s Profile Projector


Attribute WX100 Profile Projector
Multiple dimension inspection in a simple go Yes No
Minimal part contact Yes Depends on part
Highly skilled operator to run the system No Yes
Error proofing Yes, Built-in Alarm and Sensors No
Inspection with rotation Yes, 1080 images at 360 degree No
Sampling and Production Yes Yes,but manual
Visual Inspection No No
Part saving, training and backup Yes No
SPC & Cp, Cpk inclusion Yes No
Excel & PDF support Yes with provision to add printer directly No
Automation Integration Yes, 4-Axis robotic arm integration No
WX100 Applications


Ordering Information


Max part size( L x W inches)
Max part size( L x W mm)
WX100 - A
1 x 1 inch
25.4 x 25.4 mm
WX100 - B
2 x 2 inches
50.8 x 50.8 mm
WX100 - C
3 x 3 inches
76.2 x 76.2 mm
Technical Specifications


Industrial CMOS Area Scan
Telecentric Lens with powerful collimated Light source
System Accuracy
± 0.002 mm (± 0.0001 inch) for turned dimensions on straight edge
± 0.010 mm (± 0.0004 inch) on all other dimensions
Working Voltage
110/220VAC @ 50 / 60Hz +/- 5%
PC Configuration
Windows 10 with Intel Core i7
Built-in Quality and SPC reporting